My name is Max.

I am a mobile app developer.

Why mobile apps? Well, probably because even though I am trying to live my life productively and mindfully, I am addicted to that time-sucking rectangle I seem to never be able to put down.

That’s how it all started, really.

I was lying in bed one night, staring into the shiny screen. My life at that point was undergoing a major refactoring if you will, and one of the main things on my mind was - what do I really want to do with my life. I needed to make living somehow, but there I was, lying in bed without a job, wasting time on my phone.

Then it hit me. I do like my phone, here it is - staring in my face, so why not turn it into a career. What a genius revelation! I had dabbled in programming before, almost ten years ago, even had worked as a junior programmer for some time - not very successfully I might add - so why not give it another try and do it properly this time.

Then in there, I decided to become a mobile app developer.

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